Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane: Easily Melbourne’s most famous landmark for the creation and appreciation of street art. This treasure trove of colour and expression is a major attraction to street artists around the world.

The site has seen the work of some of the world’s best and most renowned street artists and their works; including a 2003 stencil by Brittish street artist, Banksy. This piece has (unfortunately) since been removed by The City of Melbourne, but pictures still exist on Google.

Among the Melbourne street artists who have had, and still have their works displayed here are: Deb, Ha-Ha and Rone.

Look around. You’ll find tags, stickers, paste ups and stencils aplenty, both intricate and otherwise. But (arguably) Hosier Lane’s biggest attractions are its murals. There’s a depiction of the Hindu God, Ganesha by Deb, and adaptations of Monsters Inc.’s Mike and Sulley. In the past, Hosier Lane was also home to New Zealand artist, Owen Dippie’s painting of Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight.

Just think, most people will never leave their mark on Hosier Lane, but right now you’re going to. Take a sticker, walk up to your favourite piece, and place it somewhere on or around the artwork.