Stop 3: Tyranny of Distance - Union Street

At the end of Artists’ Lane sits a café called Tyranny of Distance. Encapsulating the artworks in the lane, the café itself has a large mural of street art taking up one of its walls, which is great to feast your eyes on as your tummy feasts on the tasty tyranny chips ($10), gyoza skin dips ($12), or the duck roti rolls ($14).

Across the road on Union Street, a mural that encapsulates Melbourne culture can be identified. Featuring the city’s skyline and a Melbourne train within the mural, the bright artwork adds colour to what would otherwise be a dull side-street. On the other side of Union Street is a mural that is of particular interest. A large donut angrily stares at the viewer with its mouth open yelling ‘Shhh,’ as it hides behind a wall, with text describing that it is ‘hiding from the cops’. A spray-can in hand, the artist of this mural is clearly commenting on the culture of illegal graffiti, making a statement by depicting the police as smug pigs.