Stop 4: Ghin Kopi - McIlwrick Street

If you continue down Chapel Street towards Windsor Station, you’ll reach Ghin Kopi, a small Thai restaurant on the corner of McIlwrick Street. The side of Ghin Kopi features some thoughtful street art, including a commemoration mural for Pia Brightman who passed away in March 2013. Her partner, who is a street artist by the name of Nekta, painted Pia’s mural. The large-scale portrait of Pia adds a new dimension to street art, which is not only to adorn what would otherwise be a dull wall, but to make passers by think, and in this case, remember.

The side of Ghin Kopi also features bright tags, and most notably, an artwork by the famous street artist DEB, who has used pastel colours to paint a Thai woman sitting cross-legged, and playing the ‘Sueng’ (a native Thai string instrument). The woman is decorated in jewels, and her four arms are symbolic of Buddhism. The oriental nature of this street art mirrors the cuisine of Ghin Kopi, consequently channeling Thai culture. Whilst here, be sure to try the Beef Massaman Curry with Roti ($15.90), or the Pad Thai with Chicken ($12.90), neither of which will disappoint!