Stop 5: Red Door - McIlwrick Street

Red Door Yum Cha is the last stop on this gastronomical tour, where the BBQ Pork Buns ($3), Shanghai Pork Dumplings ($9) and Pork and Prawn Sui Mai ($9) have to be washed down with a pot of Fu Man Chu Jasmine Tea ($6).

A literal hole in the wall, Red Door Yum Cha encompasses a beautiful red street art mural. In China, the colour red corresponds with fire, and is symbolic of good fortune and joy. Traditionally a colour of happiness, different shades of red have been used by this street artist to epitomize Chinese culture, and essentially, wish the restaurant good luck and prosperity. If you get a chance, wander down McIlwrick Street to check out the other great work of street art on the opposite side of the street.