Caledonian Lane

Walking through Caledonian Lane I stumbled upon this piece and believed it was the perfect start for my tour. Often time people overlook street art as real art because they have a preconceived notion that it is vandalism, which gives it a negative connotation to begin with. A lot of visible “street art” is considered graffiti, which consists of “tags,” which are difficult to view as “beautiful.” Many people are unaware of the fact that tagging also takes skill and what may be meaningless to an outside perspective actually holds a deeper value and message to the person who constructed the tag. This artwork represents a mixture of a beautiful portrait of a girl with tags scattered around it and a quote above it. The quote depicts what many people are missing when they think of street art. Street art is beautiful, but when people have preconceived ideas of what it all means then it’s hard for them to look past that and see the beauty. By creating a piece that consists of beautiful eyes of a woman people can see the beauty that street art has to offer, and that it is more than “meaningless” tags.