Payne's Place

I found this piece particularly intriguing because of the evident contrast between “graffiti” and “street art.” Here the artist purposely integrates graffiti/tagging and street art (that appears realistic). It is important to note that both parts of this work take skill, which many people overlook when it comes to graffiti work. More people may favor the realistic portrait over the graffiti underneath it because it is more visually appealing. I think the combination proves a point that graffiti artists are not just capable of tagging and block letters but they can also skillfully spray paint a drawing, as one artist did both parts of this artwork. Many people assume graffiti artists don’t have a strong artistic ability when it comes to drawing, but this piece shows that graffiti artists have much more talent beyond creating block letters. There is a nod of approval when it comes to street art that looks like the top part of this piece and a nod of disapproval when it comes to graffiti that resembles the bottom part. The realistic aspect definitely appeals to a wider audience and will receive more praise from the outside community, but it is important to remember that many street artists started with graffiti. The transition from graffiti to realistic street art is ongoing and growing and it is evident that people are more in favor of a pretty picture over unreadable words, however it is important to remember that graffiti requires talent too whether everyone can appreciate it or not.