parent's moment

As the parent finds themselves becoming more in tune with the child and its thoughts throughout the tour and maybe even able to anticipate where the child may stop next, they start to think more from their perspective, but with the adult’s own knowledge and experience. For example, an image they come across like this hits harder than it would normally, as they are confronted with what lies ahead for their child, which they may feel they are partly to blame for. From the view of this piece on the street (i.e. right to left rather than the usual left to right) the world appears to be deteriorating until it is an unidentifiable mess. While there is no explicit reason or description accompanying the work, the message is quite obvious. And for a person who has recently found themselves feeling increasingly closer to their child, like a parent on this tour, it is likely to have a large impact on them in terms of feelings of sadness or potentially unexpected guilt. It may also make the adult see the world differently, and potentially even influence their future behaviour or morals and views.

(This may actually be a stop the child does not make, but the parent is still moved by it along the way.)