end goal

Another scenario that may hit hard, if a fair amount of time into the tour when parents are feeling particularly closely tied to their child’s thoughts and perspectives, would be coming across something like this. Being confronted by a memorial for a 6 year old is upsetting at any time, let alone while your own child of a similar age is giving you a detailed insight into what interests or intrigues them. Despite not knowing the child in question, it is possible the parent may suddenly have a whole new appreciation for life, especially that of their own young child, and an empathy for this child’s parents whom they have never met or encountered, which again may change their world view.

Ultimately the tour ends when the child decides it does – depending on their age the duration could vary greatly – or when the parent decides they have achieved what they set out to. Hopefully the child has made at least 5 stops in order for the parent to really get into a child’s mindset, and they can go home feeling particularly close and connected.