Artists Lane

Artist Lane, also known as Aerosol Alley is like a city-style hidden laneway in Windsor- a type of place that ‘if you know, you know’. It originally started with local resident Wayne Tindal who wanted to convert the “laneway with rats and needles”[1] into an interactive physical space. He got a crew of young artists, known and unknown, to create artworks that would add value to the space and create positive experiences. These murals have changed and reshaped the psychogeographical landscape and brought it to life. Although on a day-to-day basis it is still just a car park and laneway, since the collaboration of artists, it has additionally become a popular destination for people to interact with the space- whether that’s via posting pictures on instagram or using it as a socializing spot. For example, on March 1st Chapel Street Precint organized the ‘Artist Lane Block Party 2015’ which brought people together, mainly aged between 20-30 to “celebrate colour, life, food and art”[2]. The vibrant colours and designs give the impression of youth and energy, making the location perfect as we observe this cultural phenomenon and appreciation for individualism in Windsor Chapel St.

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