Drewery Lane

Upon leaving Melbourne Central through the Lonsdale street exit, and walking up towards the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale, you will come across Drewery Lane. Close to Melbourne Central, it is surrounded by thousands of people everyday, and yet very few stop and take a look.

Just inside the Lane, on the right hand wall are several pieces merged together into one monster piece of graffiti art by a group of artists, including Putos, Siege and tanea. Created using aerosol cans, this piece would have taken hours to complete, most likely in relative exhilaration as it was probably not created legally.

Looking towards the face of the Whale, in the middle of the mural, there is a clear shift in creative technique, indicating that this is where Putos stopped and tanea took over.

What is amazing about this piece, like many of the other stops on this tour, is that it is right beside a main street. Not hidden in a back alley, or in a dark train tunnel, but in the heart of the city, right there next to everything. This speaks to how normal graffiti art has become in Melbourne, how "un-strange" it is, and how ingrained within our culture it is that most people would walk past it without even noticing.