Union Lane

After a quick walk from Drewery Lane along Swanston street and into the Bourke Street Mall, you'll come to the next stop - Union Lane.

This lane is absolutely filled with street and graffiti art. Its not unusual for this space to be filled with viewers, or even artists themselves!

This lane is a colour overload, and can be slightly confusing because you simply don't know where to look first. At this stop, I would suggest taking your time so that you can explore the whole alley. Go up to the walls and touch the works, feel the texture, see where the paint is peeling away from an immense amount of layers!

Once again, this Lane is right in the middle of a shopper's heaven, and also right in the beating heart of the CBD. It runs off a main walkway, and should you not look up as you walk past it, you wouldn't even know that its there. This is not because its not an amazing space, but because we no longer live in a time where it is horrifying to see a piece of graffiti in a public space. Union Lane, along with many other spots like it, is not a legal space, but there is very little prosecution on artists creating here, possibly because of the large amount of tourists it attracts, who then go on to shop nearby.

With so much to see, it would be easy to spend a huge amount of time here, and its a good idea to jot down the location so you can come back again - it will no doubt have a few new additions by the time you return!