Centre Place

Another quick walk along swanston street and down Flinders Lane will bring you to Centre Place.

This little lane is the definition of the merging of graffiti art and culture in Melbourne. Absolutely stuffed with little restaurants and cafe's, with graffiti and street art in and around it, this space is another overload of sensation. The best option here would be to choose a cafe, sit outside, have a coffee and just take it all in. Be surrounded by the art in a really obvious, over the top way - theres no blank space here.

One thing to consider while you're enjoying this crazy, art filled space though, is how busy it is. Ironically, it is the often messy, slightly dirty looking graffiti that draws in so much attention and that creates such an atmosphere. Yet this kind of graffiti is so anti-commercialism and hates being used as an advertising ploy. How does that work?