Jewell Station

Trains, tracks and stations are synonymous with the early emergence of graffiti in New York City. Which has influenced artists cross-globally for generations. Standing on the tracks, looking North of the city, it would seem that the walls lining the tracks are infinite.

Positioned along side the train and bicycle path the works can be viewed fleetingly, a jolt from one’s daily commutes or they can be examined closely by wandering along the path.

Interestingly, as we consider the historical aspect of these walls, we realise that those who live nearby have witnessed the generational shift in the works, observing the urban decay, the continuous attempt by the council to whitewash the walls, and the determination over and over again by the artists to make their mark on their city.

To reach the next destination you are highly recommended to walk the length of these train tracks in order to acknowledge the layers of paint on the walls and to contemplate how different the space would feel if there walls were left untouched and blank.