Stop 1

Street art has assisted in the gentrification of Fitzroy over the past couple of decades. It has helped transform Fitzroy from an industrial working class area, to one of the most sought after suburbs of Melbourne. This rise in street art has been recognised and utilised by local businesses, seen by the change in the type of advertisements displayed. Nowadays, business advertisements pose as street art to attract the hipster crowd that is now drawn to the area. The first street art piece we are looking at is the sticker “TOM + CAPTAIN DOG WALKING ADVENTURES”. These stickers are typically called slaps, because you can easily “slap” them up as you walk past a pole, wall, seat and so on. At first glance, we assume this is a street artists’ slap, when in reality it is the business name of a dog walking company. This way of marketing isn’t obvious at first, but once you recognise their logo you can’t help but notice their advertisement spread all around the area. This quick and effective way of promoting their name, is the same result street artists strive for when they position their slaps city wide.