Brunswick Lane Gallery

At this last stop, you may find yourself currently standing in an empty laneway, with the exception of a few pot plants lining the ground. At the time of writing this tour, photographs were hung here as part of the newly established Brunswick Lane Gallery. Stuck to the corrugated fences with glue, the work is of a transient nature, and, as with paste-ups, tags and stickers will only last as long as weather permits. The laneways of Brunswick are rich in history and culture, the bluestones, and heavy graffiti have furthered their functionality and they are now seen as an integral part of the urban landscape. This project has the ability to blur the line between the gallery and the street, promoting direct community engagement as it expands upon the idea of working in the street as an activity only undertaken by someone with a spray can in hand.

You have now made your way from one end of the neighbourhood to the other. The graffiti and street art that you’ve seen along the way has hopefully broadened your ideas of how art can contribute to the city as a whole, but in particular the communities within Brunswick.