Stop 3

An artwork which has definitely been commissioned is this Smug mural of a stereotypical Australian yobbo. A majority of people believe it was commissioned by the Nobody Clothing brand because of the advertisement billboard that sits in the top left corner of the mural. This mural has caused controversy, and the Yarra Mayor Jackie Fristacky said she would have preferred “a mural of scenery of bushland or Abbottsford Convent.” (Dow, 2014). There should have been a contract written up for the commission of this mural. It should ideally have stated that any subject in the artwork that could have caused legal confusion or community distress, such as alcohol or nudity, should require approval from the council prior to the commencement of the work (Dow, 2014). To me this type of work, although confronting, seems to bring out the counter culture street art these days seems to be lacking- It is deviant and somewhat culturally abrasive. This counter culture is the culture that was associated with street art twenty years ago. A majority of street art these days has shifted to mainstream culture, as seen by street art advertising and commissioned murals- it is encouraged and praised because it is now one of Melbourne’s largest tourist attractions.