Stop 5

The most obvious advertising image in the form of street art is at the last stop. These advertisement paste ups use the same material as street art paste ups- thin newspaper like paper, with a glue substance made of wheat and polyurethane to waterproof it. As you can see on this wall, paste ups can be printed off numerous times and pasted up with ease. For example on the small section of this wall alone there are three advertisement paste ups for a denim brand. This repetitive nature of paste ups works well in advertising because it conveys a simple message over and over again- the aesthetic of advertising. Although, unlike stickers, murals and stencils, paste ups are easy to read yet they are very temporary and not as permanent as the other forms of street art. After viewing the last five stops feel free to continue walking the loop back to the first advertisement and see how obvious it is that it is an advertisement through the extensive use of the stickers placed all around the area. Over all, the gentrification of Fitzroy over the past twenty years should be clear, shown through the diversity of advertising images posing as street art.