Stop 2. Junkyard Gallery

As the graffiti culture transgresses boundaries, so will we - by emulating the guerrilla experience of a street artist. Continue to walk down Nicholson Street, and cross to the right side of the road until you reach an abandoned fenced off car yard (opposite San Remo Ballroom). There is a large gap in the fencing that people can fit through – trust me, it’s worth the risk.

Simply stepping through the fence gives an entirely new perspective alongside a rushing sensation of rebellion. You are not where you are supposed to be, but you are where you need to be! The bright, vivid blue and green writing on the window, appearing to credit to six artists, acts as a welcome sign, promoting a communal area where all are welcome to experiment and create.

Step over the pile of couch cushions and leaves to enter the roofed area - a room adorned with old car parts and office furniture. The accompanying tags, writing and other pieces amazingly transform the space into a kind of junkyard gallery, showcasing vibrant red colours and illuminated reverse lettering through windows.