Stop 5. Collaborations

The final destination on this tour is at the corner of Nicholson and Blyth Street, and to get here you can either walk, or take the 96 tram to the last stop (how convenient!).

This site boasts two different kinds of collaborations in very close proximity, the contrasting aesthetics of which make for an interesting observation on the psychogeography of street art.

On the side of the road of the dynamic rooftop piece there are cafés and shops, while on the other side where the ‘Too True Crew’ amongst others have painted and pasted their works, there are houses and residential buildings. It is possible that the rooftop collaboration has been commissioned or requested by storeowners or council to create a neater, more striking addition to the businesses, while the opposite side presents a collaboration that reflects not a consumer based community, but the graffiti community - one that feels more like home.