Stop One - Gay Rights

With constant coverage in the media over the past few years, gay rights and more specifically, legalising gay marriage, is a hot topic within Australia. On both sides of this corner, as well as a few other corners further down Smith Street, there are rainbows painted along the pathway. The artist has the clear intention of driving support in favour of gay rights, using the international symbol for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people; a rainbow. This work illustrates the dichotomous correlation between street art and areas where citizens have experienced some form of suppression of speech, such as the gay community. An artwork with such strong politically opposing message does not feel out of place in an area that supports minority groups and alternative view points. If this artwork were to exist in an area with a strong Catholic influence, for example, the psychography would make one feel as though they should challenge or repel the intended meaning of this artwork. Furthermore, the interpreted meaning of the artwork could change completely to something such as God’s promise to “never destroy the earth with a flood again”, as quoted in the Bible.