Stop A.

This stop is not geographically specific and is more about freely exploring the conversation taking place in the general area. While walking along the cobble stone lanes, you may notice a word or form that appears to dominate or periodically appear, others may be scarce and require effort and a keen set of eyes to spot. This is a place where mostly illegal graffiti takes place. In a traditional sense it's like a stomping ground for graffiti purists to pursue representation through tagging with the odd attempt at larger artistic pieces.

Arguably, graffiti is both personal and free of modern social restraints that frequently prevent citizens from imparting uninhibited reign to their thoughts. Given this, the often crude scribblings offer fascinating insights into the people who create them and the society/cultural background in which they belong. Perhaps, it is this organic and edgy form of representation that popular culture locates some affinity, or maybe its still requires some refinement.