Location 1: The Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market originally started out as a cemetery and went though many more changes before finally becoming the largest open air market in the southern hemisphere. Its website signifies it as “The heart and soul of Melbourne for over a century.” It is only fitting that the cities “heart and soul” carries some of the local talents artwork. The market tends to have art pieces from a variety of artists specially when it having events such as the Wednesday night markets. On the other hand there is clearly an absence of markings on the wall or any other type of street art. There is a single lane way towards the far back of the market that is completely covered in Graffiti, however it is easily missed. The market poses the question of how you define street art because although there is plenty of art over the street, there doesn’t seem to be much street art. Where would one have to go to find some street art in a city known for its street art culture?