Stop 1

The first location of the Star Tour is Drewery Lane. Drewery Lane is a great place in Melbourne to see some fantastic artwork. In Drewery Lane you can many different types of artwork scattered around the walls of the street. One of the first things that catch your eye when walking down is, a mural of a man wrestling an alligator. This is a great image because of its detail. The image allows you to feel like you are there and that you can understand the man’s fear and pain. However most interesting piece has to be the mural that depicts a family of three with the word Legacy on top. The mural is also surrounded by supplement pieces of artwork that looks like kids created it. When looking at this mural, many things create different thoughts in people minds. This piece of art is open for interpretation because of the many factors that are involved. When walking down Drewery Lane, it is interesting to see the different types of murals and other types of work that is there. With Drewery Lane’s easy accessibility it is always a place to stop by and to see what great pieces of work come in next.