Stop 2

The next stop on the tour is Caledonian Lane. Caledonian Lane like Drewery Lane is also a great place to art, especially murals. The most interesting thing about Caledonian Lane other than the art itself is the size of the street. Usually the streets in which street art is most prominent, the streets are narrow but in this case Caledonian Lane it is very wide and open. This entail gives the pieces of art a different feeling to them than those in places with narrow streets. The grandest piece of artwork in Caledonian Lane is a mural. The mural depicts two men. Both men are smiling and one has his tongue out. This mural like the one in Drewery Lane conveys many different thoughts to many different types of people. It is interesting though to see how the artist uses the natural color of the wall itself to make their artwork. This mural brings out different emotions in people like humor and fear but what is constant is that it makes everyone think about it.