Stop 5

The final location of the Street Art Star Tour is ACDC Lane. Like the streets that came before it on the tour, Drewery Lane, Caledonian Lane, Union Lane, and Hosier Lane, ACDC Lane is very unique in its own right. When walking in to the lane, you first see a “hopscotch” like drawing on the ground that are followed by cigarette buds. Inside the lane you can see many different murals all over the walls. Each mural has its own story and each mural is seen differently by each person. What makes ACDC Lane so unique is that there are also many posters surrounding the artworks and sometimes they even compliment each other. One of the most interesting murals in ACDC Lane is actually somewhat hidden. It is an image of a man copied over four times. The image is interesting because it has a different complexity to it that makes it hard to fully understand. ACDC Lane has a distinctive feel to it but like the other streets its artwork and in particular the murals all have the same common purpose.