Refreshment: The Easey’s
[stage 4: a combination]

Here comes to our final stop: The Easey’s, which subverts the tradition concept of a restaurant. You will never see these things anywhere else: Electronic gamer as tables, Train timetable as menu, numerous amazing tags and graffiti on the walls and of course, the magnificent trains on the roof. There are three painted trains on the rooftop and one of them was used as a rooftop bar. Unlike commercial uses in the brother’s burger and Jessica’s narrow preferences in the Grace café, the Easey’s performances a deeper understanding of street art with multiple forms.

It shows the influence of street art both on inner furnishing and outside appearance. Street art is not only beautiful murals, but is also including all these tags, new use of existing stuff (i.e.: the game machine and trains). Here you won’t find murals, instead you are presented with creative posters, tags, graffiti on the trains and much more! People would easily be attracted by pretty murals but murals are not what street art should be limited and defined.

According to Flip, one of the Easey’s major founder, this place is not just a restaurant, but also a museum for street art.“It’s a salon for new arts, also a new form of salon.” Feeling curious about stories behind this place? Wondering where the ideas are from and the difficulties they have faced? Sipping a glass of cocktail at the train roof bar while listening to Flip sharing all these stories with us and also his prospect on street art.

Don’t miss out this priceless experience and join our street art dinner safari now!!!