Stop 2 - A Different Direction

Directions to the Next Stop:

Exiting ACDC Lane, turn left and head towards Russell St. At the intersection take note of the Chanel store on the corner. Contemplate how the previous stop may have altered your perspective towards the brand and potential ideology it upholds. Turn right into Russell St and continue for 400m, looking out for a sign for Little Bourke St.

While walking this seemingly boring part of the tour, notice if you begin to ignore your surroundings as you walk, keeping an eye open only for the single upcoming signpost. It is interesting to think how this may reflect our attitude in life. We trudge along, only taking enough notice to recognise the next predetermined signpost. When you reach Little Burke St, turn left. Continue down for approximately 70m until you see Heffernan Lane. Turn right into the nondescript laneway.


Stop 2 - A Different Direction

During the walk to this location, there have been many signs and notices, each with their own message. It is something we rightly tend to accept and casually overlook. As you enter this alleyway this is likely the case, emphasised as you emerge from chinatown and its excessive signage.

However at some point the sublime discordant nature of the signs leads to a point of sudden realisation, that these signs are instead representing something highly unfamiliar. Quotes, inspirational sayings and controversial interventions easily blend in, presented in a format that would easily go unnoticed.

This powerful use of a familiar medium to provide a different perspective is the subtle brilliance of this artwork. Presented in such a way as to easily go unnoticed, it highlights our acceptance of the everyday and allows us to contemplate what else we may potentially be overlooking.

This again intervenes with the mundane, infusing fresh perspectives into potentially overlooked normalities. It also reinforces the idea that if we treat life like a trudge along Russell Street, with our periphery limited to a specific sign, we could be missing a whole lotta livin'.

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