Stop 5 - A Free Performance

Directions to the Next Stop:

From this laneway, head back towards Elizabeth St and turn right, walking towards the intersection Burke St and Elizabeth St. Turn left into Bourke St mall, noticing the bustle and noise. The artworks we have seen so far have been subtle interventions within compatible environments, somewhat removed from the everyday, they utilise this environment to give you a better chance of recognising their presence.

We can now experience a slightly alternative form of public intervention. An artist creating a more disruptive force in the hope of breaking people out of the mundane to appreciate a spontaneous moment of reflection and appreciation.


Stop 5 - A Free Performance

On entering Burke Street mall and particularly in front of HnM, you will hear the sounds of live music emanating from a busker somewhere close along the mall. As people hurry along, busily getting from A to B, there is an opportunity to experience a taste of colour. A live musician providing an invitation to pause life for a brief moment and instead take an unanticipated detour to enjoy the unexpected.

This is reminiscent of the theatre, with the musician temporarily compensating for the lost asset. Observing the different responses from passers by, you can easily recognise the predictable responses. Some will choose to ignore the subtle intervention, some briefly glance, while others will pause to step out of the chaos and momentarily contemplate and appreciate the flash of disorder. This is another example of a subtle expression of art infused into our environment that disrupts our daily business and offers us the opportunity to enjoy the often forgotten sparkle of life.

Regardless, people-watching is always a good time.


This was the last stop! I hope you enjoyed the tour and that it has provided an enlightening insight into the concept that Street Art, in its many diverse forms, can subtly intervene and disrupt our preconstructed mindset, allowing us to reconsider the reality we often tend to take for granted.

And I hope you enjoy your free performance!