Stop 3 - Big Ted

Seek the childhood’s best friend, Big Ted by Will Coles @mrwillcoles

Clue 1: Find the fluffy toy camouflaged in spray paint

Walk up Hosier lane and turn into the first alley on your left into Rutledge Lane and stop at the windowpane.

This particular sculpture is easily missed because it blends seamlessly against the colourful backdrop of graffiti. Since Will Coles has places it on the window ledge, people have sprayed it black and blue making it harder to find. The juxtaposition between the harshness of the concrete against the realistic softness of the fur of the teddy bear add a sense of uneasiness to the surroundings. Will Coles also adds a comedic flair to the piece by adding a casting of his penis and balls attached to the bear.

Will Coles’ sculptures have been popping up everywhere all over Melbourne, however it is how they surreptitiously blend in with the environment they are placed in that intrigues passers-­‐by. The pieces are blatantly stuck to the middle of the pavement with nuclear-­‐style glue however they blend into their surroundings adding meaning to environment it is placed in.