Stop 3: Life is not meant to be lived in one place.

Location: Tram ride home

As Savannah travels home from the market a few tram stops away, she finds herself daydreaming of her travels around the world. Right after the second semester ended at The University of Melbourne, Savannah pursued her lifelong dream and was able to backpack around South East Asia. Her experiences in Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand shaped her outlook on life. Her travels inspired her and made her realize that there is always more creative potential; they make her more well rounded and enables her to share her ideas. She met a plethora of people who will remain a part of her life forever. She cannot wait until she is able to travel again so she will gain more experiences that will guide her in her life’s work. Traveling enables the mobilization of ideas, aptitudes, and inventive organizations. Next stop: New Zealand!