Stop 1: Union Lane

In the heart of the city, Union Lane stretches between Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street, surrounding the main shopping hub. It is a very long laneway filled with vibrant colors and can be quite overwhelming. One might not know where to start, but I suggest moving slowly so that you can take in the different pieces of art on its walls and even on the ground below you.

Union Lane became a popular attraction when Melbourne’s Street Art Project beautified this laneway and attempted to make the random tags and marks into what’s become an outdoor arcade for viewers. The walls are covered by every inch; marked with names, cartoon characters, strange shapes and lively colors. Artists have marked this space with aerosol spray cans, chalk, and stencils, and here, you’ll find an abundance of color, and complete randomness, which contributes to its energetic flow. Some tags are permanent; some are erasable, for the next person to contribute to. Alone, the tags may look a bit overwhelming and some ugly, but intertwined together it looks like a collective unit of art that is alluring to the eye. You’ll notice how interconnected street art has become in Melbourne culture and its contribution to the bustling streets of CBD.