Stop 2: Tattersalls Lane

In the heart of Chinatown, Tattersalls Lane encompasses a thriving bar scene and social atmosphere. Murals, tags, and stencils surround the few bars in this laneway. This is certainly one of Melbourne’s hidden laneway gems. In particular, the bar Section 8 represents the dynamic between mainstream and underground art. With its outdoor and open space, the art on the walls inside of this bar runs onto the walls outside and into the lane, making it one big cultural space, that’s often packed with people.

I ask the group to consider Debord’s theory about the Derive, which explores unplanned journeys, whether conscious or not, that people have with their surroundings and atmospheres and the ways in which they interact and engage in these experiences. So, on Tattersalls Lane in particular, people have no planned destination but wander through Chinatown and drift toward the art and pubs that look interesting and appealing.

Take in this comforting, yet lively culture as you walk under strings of colored light bulbs, graffiti artwork, and Chinese lanterns. The art on Tattersalls Lane is characteristic of Melbourne’s alternative feel.