Stop 4: Centre Place

Right off of Flinders Lane, you’ll come upon a narrow laneway filled with picnic tables and cafes. Centre Place attracts many locals and tourists for its distinctive atmosphere; its truly one of Melbourne’s more populous locations. Make a right into the alley from Flinders Lane and stroll through the long laneway, noticing the cafes and shops covered in art. It’s interesting that the graffiti on the walls, particularly in the rear of the alley, are surrounded by smelly dumpsters and pungent odors, but it still attracts as many coffee lovers and tourists as it does.

Hectic and pretty congested, yet trendy and happening, people congregate in the lane to drink their over-priced coffee and indulge themselves with yummy desserts and noshes. Each transaction is quite ironic as customers hand over their credit cards to the waiter, but disregard the countless hours that go into murals and street performances that make Centre Place as funky and unique as it is. However, many types of people flock here, as the environment is so appealing. Look out for live music performances. Without these individuals and artists, the street would be vacant. Here, take the time to appreciate the busy environment, its one of a kind.