1st Stop: Queen Victoria Market by AWOL

First, we will begin our tour at 12pm in the Queen Victoria Market. This piece was completed by AWOL right outside the bathroom at the Queen Victoria Market. This is a perfect location to begin the tour because the market is a historic landmark that brings excitement to individuals when looking at all the delicious meats, fruits, vegetables, spices, shops, etc. The market isn't well known for street art, but AWOL has created this piece of an old man that is hard at work. He looks like a hard worker with sweat on his forehead and tired eyes. However, if you look closely you can see that someone tagged with a white aerosol can over this piece. After spending hours making this beautiful artwork, do you think AWOL would care if someone tagged over it? Or why do you think this individual thought it was okay to tag over this great masterpiece? Over the course of the tour, we will discuss how artists feel about this and if it disrupts their artwork or is that simply a part of street art.