Stop 2: Another Nearby Art Heaven

Head westward along Flinders lane and you will find yourself in another art heaven, with plenty of depictions and inference awaiting your curious mind. The 1st piece shows a young man here where he might just be seeking greener pastures with what he holds in his hand, a tree, which may symbolise a freedom that he wishes to pursue (from his curious looking facial expressions) away from familiar grounds and into the unfamiliar (as seen from the discoloured backdrop).

This resonates deeply with urban dwellers who may still be chasing after their dreams and ever seeking ways to get themselves to our penultimate goals fast, but in the process one may inevitability practice the psychogeography principle of dérive (where one moves throughout a location without a known goal or destination (Plant, 2002)). To dérive also means that one would notice areas with states of mind and realise alternate purposes of areas for which they were built for (Plant, 2002). This could well be the guiding principle for this tour – to not be afraid to wonder off track if you spot any other interesting lane ways along the way, but if luck isn’t good on that end, there is always this plan that you could follow.