Stop 3: Get The Sun In!

Continue to get the sun in, as you explore your way through the treasures of the city by heading northward, and arrive at this seemingly dodgy looking lane. Looks can really be deceiving, and I guess tourists may be forgiven for thinking that this lane looks unwelcoming and dangerous.

Carl Krueger, a renowned British author once mentioned that “Blank walls are a shared canvas and we're all artists” (Krueger, 2016). This is best depicted on walls like this (just outside “Sister Bella” bar) , as noticed by myself (through separate visits) that within a span of just 2 weeks, this wall “switched hands” – from the left piece to the right (a piece by @lushsux which has drawn significant recent popularity amongst the social media scene especially on Instagram).

This might just well be the artist’s (@lushsux) attempt to “open” this space to the public, and / or to promote its surrounding ecology such as pubs like Sister Bella. Here, you will find yourself in awe with just how empty long walls like this one can be an absolute leveraging platform for street artists and its value in capturing the ideas of the street artists and translating it into visible and accessible art that can be consumed by passers-by that are willing to pause their footsteps amidst the fast city pace of urban dwellers.