Stop 4: Pastries and Walkabout

Catch the tram up a little further north and this hipster suburb awaits your arrival and curious eyes. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in this area full of cultured residents, bump into street artists at work, and walk along this area with a pastry or two from the nearby bakeries to complement your morning walkabout.

Of particular attention on this street is this 1st piece by Junky Projects (It is worthy to note that the latter movement is an extension of Lynch’s 2007 initial movement codenamed “junky invasion of Fitzroy” where these art pieces were put across the streets of Melbourne for the first time (streetartjunky, 2007)) which transcend our boundaries of imagination for street art work using junk materials such as aluminium cans, among many others. Junky Projects was started as a street art crusade by street artist Daniel Lynch who centres his art work around waste management issues and how the junk used to create these art pieces may one day return and haunt people who created those junks (The Blender Studios, 2015; Lynch, 2016).

The art vibrant scene on this street somehow sucks you in from the main traffic of Brunswick East and as you explore the street with your slow footsteps you tend to find yourself in tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle of external traffic, which allows for more sound interpretations and fun between you and the art pieces.