Kim Kardashian: Stop #1

This first stop focuses on the liberation of women in the 21st century. In today’s modern era the women’s liberation movement is transpiring as women are no longer objectified or oppressed for their sexualization, rather celebrated. This liberation can happen through an array of forms, however, today there are more than 300 million monthly active users on Instagram, where many of these feelings are expressed.

One of the most controversial leaders of this movement, Kim Kardashian, who has more than 70.2 million followers, constantly posts pictures of her ‘liberated’ naked body. The original photo posted on Instagram, received over 1.7 million likes, was reenacted and posted countless times, ‘broke the internet’, and was plastered as a nine meter tall mural for all to see. The artist, a “self-described social activist,” uses his art and Instagram to “reveal the various reactions” to his pieces (Naughton). Comments on the post ranged from “whatta shameless pic, very indecent and influential is definitely and personally unacceptable” to “um this is amazing thank you” and “I support your movement.”

The mural became recognized around the world as news sites and even Kim herself acknowledged the piece. Less than 24 hours after the piece went up, it was vandalized with white paint and the word SLUT. From the initial post from Kardashian, to the recreation as a mural, to the physical words and comments “slut shaming” the portrayal, the true feelings and reactions of onlookers were exposed. The painting once vandalized truly revealed feelings still prominent in today’s age, illustrating a society that calls men studs and women sluts.