Something Near Your Shoes

Now look down, right at your feet, and what do you see? A shoe? Yes, how strange... But take a closer look... What is it made out of? Curious....

This here is a cement mold piece of a shoe, a boot to be specific and when you look even closer you'll see the word 'FORGOTIN' on the bottom of it. Take note of the spelling - obviously we are supposed to read it as 'forgotten' and it took me a while to realise that it was even spelt wrong, but I wonder why it's spelt this way. Is it because the artist is being phonetic in his spelling? Who knows... It is also unclear who the artist if of this work because of the lack of 'tag' or signature around the area but it is clear that this artist is talented and thinks outside of the box. The positioning of this artwork is significant as well as it is positioned right under a fairly recent ANZAC Day mural. Coincidence? I think not!