Something on a Ledge

Who actually thought this was real? I know I did when I first found it… actually tried to pick it up. But it is very much made of cement and glued to the wall. It is interesting that this work, compared to the first piece we saw, has not been covered in paint by other artists - most likely because of its location. But it does look like the artist has painted it gold to make it look real. It has also been placed in a location that someone is likely leave their wallet. As you can see; it also has a word on it – ‘fake’ – (just like the first piece) this could be concerning the wallet itself, or possibly about the people who own wallets like this. Again it is only speculation that I can offer.

What makes this and all of the other artworks like this one so ‘convincing’ is the detail that the artist has captured in the making of the mold. Even right down to the edges of the zipper being clearly viewable in this example.