Something from Alice in Wonderland

Who here has seen ‘Alice in Wonderland’? This might look familiar to you then.

This again is a work, which has been molded out of cement, and it is quite similar but also quite different from the other ones we have seen previously. Although the materials that have been used are the same as the previous ones, this work in particular lacks the attention to detail we have clearly seen before. The wording on the bottle for example is not engraved into the bottle in a computer font but has been cut out separately by hand and then glued on the face of the bottle. Also the way in which it has been stuck down is clearly not as precise as before where we couldn’t see how it was done. With this one we can clearly see the glue underneath the work. This leads me to believe that this has not been created by the original artist but a copycat who admires their work – possibly from the previously talked about #GourillaKindness project, however this again is just speculation.