Something You'd Find in a Bedroom

Doesn’t he look cute – just relaxing on that ledge? Again another cement mold – this time of a cute little teddy. This one, like the first and the third, is not lacking in detail. You can clearly see the softness of his fur, even if you cant feel it.

The ruffles are so clear that it makes it look real. This one has an arm and a leg that have been painted over by other artists as they go along but the rest is clean.

This artist is clearly very experienced in this field and has a lot of practice in mold making. When compared to buying spray paint – you could say that this type of street art is a lot cheaper to construct but that depends on what the artist uses as his molding material. He would have to make the mold out of possibly rubber, polystyrene foam or any other shapeable material and then pour the concrete into it. Then again, it is possible that he has dipped the objects in concrete and let them dry solid. Why don’t you give it a go? See what you can achieve with small, common objects around your house.