Croft Institute

The final stop on the Pub Crawl lies down an unlit, hidden alley off Melbourne’s famous Chinatown. No space is left unpainted down Croft Alley; bright, colourful images coat the walls; a panther stares as you turn into the alley, a volcano erupts as you turn the first corner, only to find a beautiful visage staring down at you. This dark, yet incredibly vibrant alleyway is so condensed in art, it is given an otherworldly feel.

As you reach the end of Croft Alley, a nondescript door conceals The Croft Institute, a small bar resembling a laboratory, complete with chemical apparatus. It is here the tour ends, with a delicious cocktail in hand.

Spend your time well, reflect on your experience. What was once considered deviant and underground has become immense in its influence, shaping the city we live in, and itself being shaped by culture.

This tour presents street art in relation to the pub, yet its proliferation throughout society is far greater. The pub serves simply as a snapshot of Melbournian culture, in truth presenting only a tiny portion of the influence street art culture has spread throughout the city. Incidentally, pubs also serve as a great way to spend a night with mates!