When doing this category, my main target were middle aged tourists or families visiting the city.

Due to the rise of the street art industry, graffiti has become a relatively mainstream practice. Therefore when planning a trip to Melbourne it is a must to come to Hosier Lane.

When walking into Hosier Lane, most tourists looked shocked when they saw the chaos in this laneway. They would usually look around with disbelief and start taking pictures right away. Typically, they would take pictures with a normal camera (rather than a phone) and ask those around to take a picture of them. By using a conventional camera rather than their phone, they are not able to publish the pictures right away and many might just keep the photograph for their family albums without publishing them in the social media as backpackers and teenagers do. They would pose close to art pieces that were colorful and that they could relate too (“Mondays Sucks!”, who can’t relate to that).