Professional Photographers

When creating this walking tour, I noticed that professional photographers would mostly photograph bigger murals around Hosier Lane. I don’t know if I noticed this because it was obvious what they were doing when they had their tripod ready and waiting for the perfect moment to take the picture rather than passing unnoticeable if they were not occupying as much space. Either way, the mural that I saw being photographed the most was a mural that is located at the end of the small laneway that is connected to Hosier Lane.

This art piece is a perfect example of what street art should be as it uses spaces to its favor (spatial practice), it has some tagging and defacing. I had seen this artwork a few weeks ago, and what was painted inside the window was a huge “FUK NO!”, which made me laugh as it was rejecting the marriage proposal. In the past 3 weeks it was painted over (defaced) to show some cartoon characters as if they were trapped in the window space. The tags seen around the art piece gives it a more unique and urban feel. Due to all the street art characteristics that it incorporates, it makes it a great mural to be photographed.