"All Platforms", Melbourne Central

To be considered for commission, a work of street art must reveal technical skill and be aesthetically pleasing. For street art to fly with a governing body, such as the City Council, it should also be the antithesis of its unruly and criminal cousin, graffiti. When Mini Graff was a guest lecturer, she told the class how she accepted commissioned work in order to pay her bills. So, some street artists are obviously on board with doing commissioned works. Other street artists despise those who sell their art, working for ‘The Man’ and becoming mainstream. They call it ‘selling out.’ Some examples of famous street artists who are considered sell-outs are Shepard Fairey, creator of the Obey megabrand, and Rone, Melbourne-based artist who moved to Los Angeles to do commissioned paintings there.

This photo shows another view of the commissioned paintings in Melbourne Central. It appears that several artists have worked on these walls, given their large scale.