Stop 1

The First stop and the beginning of the tour will be off Gertrude street after stop 12 on the 86 tram line (between Nicholson and Fitzroy streets) we have a mural of an indigenous Australian painted in traditional ochre, with a resilient facial expression and almost appears to be staring to a distant place or perhaps time. This piece was painted by Adnate from the AWOL crew, a local Melbourne group based in the north side area with well established roots in the Melbourne region. I chose this as the first stop on the tour as it describes roughly the theme for the whole tour; Australia 'the lucky country' has a less than lucky past at least where the indigenous population are concerned. Over time the native people of these lands have faced numerous hardships at the hands of a colonising white people that to this day hold power with new contentious laws in place to this day. This image is a strong statement about the origins of our country and the mistakes that were made in the past.