Stop 4

Stop 4 of our tour is on the corner of Smith Street and Gertrude Street visible from stop 15 of the 86 tram. Here we can see three busts of what appear to be indigenous Australians, although it is worth noting that due to the blurring of the left bust and the black and white nature of the art, it is hard to be sure of race. Posted almost ironically up on a wall between a beer advertisement and a law firm advertisement this piece of art is a strong statement about the divide between the indigenous population and the white people who control how our nation is governed. This has been a contentious topic of conversation over the last couple of years with new restrictions on the living conditions of indigenous people sparking an alarming raise in the suicide rates in youth indigenous cultures. The wall as a whole shows disappointed or disengaged busts over the top of capitalist advertisements, an image with clashing messages from profiteering and the non-for profit sides of the fence.