Stop 5: The Boot Trunk Tragedy

Saving perhaps the most gruesome until last, on the muggy evening of December 17th 1898, a bright yellow suitcase or ‘boot trunk’ was mysteriously floating along the banks of the Yarra River. Up to 300 people stood watching, as the police retrieved the boot trunk to find it stuffed with the severed body of a young woman. Police struggled to identify the young woman until in frustration, they displayed her severed head in the city’s public morgue. She was finally identified in January 1899 as Mabel Ambrose, a 17 year old girl who died at the hands of self-proclaimed abortion specialist, Madame Olga Radalyski. Madame Olga and an accomplice were convicted of murder and were hanged.

Facing the rowers, I'm hard to see
If you don't look low, you might miss me
It’s the final stop in this morbid parade
Where Mabel was dosed, perhaps with nightshade?  
I'm sugary-sweet, with floral tattoos 
A deadly skull, in line with your shoes!



Stop 5 Riddle
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