Stop 2 Kerr St/ Brunswick St

In one of the corners of Kerr St, you will find an artwork of a naked woman with an animal’s skull and a metal horn. This is a design of street artist Makatron, which illustrates the evolution or no boundaries concept of humans, nature and technologies in the modern digital age. So, as you have seen through some of the artworks of female and male street artists including women portrait and naked body, it is clear that no matter what genders the artist inhered, each artwork has its own meaning for existence and comprehension to the world. Therefore, instead of shutting down the appreciation of art made by women, and shaping their narratives, women deserve a stand to express their own loves and passions, even if it’s related to femininity or feminism, or not.

Opposite the Makatron’s artwork, you will see a vibrant artwork of artist Deb. Her work often has a mixture of fantasy and fiction in which she’s trying to collaborate the emotions in presence life with the world that exists in her mind. All together, Deb could create a fantasy art with different emotions, such as happiness, sadness, spirit, fun, motivation, in different period of time. From the image, you could see that Deb is trying to capture a spiritual world, re-create the world of Aladdin and the magic lamp with her own imagination. If you look closer to the girl in Deb’s artwork, it is often re-illustrated her own characteristics of being romantic, sexy and gorgeous. She often wears high-heel while painting, so this also applied to the girl here.

A few blocks away from Deb’s artwork, there is a artwork of AWOL crew where Adnate and Lucy Lucy, 2 members of AWOL crew, collaborated to create the piece. Adnate focuses on painting indigenous subjects as to trigger a greater public engagement with Aboriginal and indigenous culture. Lucy Lucy takes part in painting gorgeous female with acrylic and spray paints. Her signature is embedded in fashion-forward and patterns. Her model often put on fashionable or trendy clothes with different kind of patterns. As you can see from the image that the female’s clothes having different and warm colors of squares and curves. The line of female body also emphasized as to increase the value and beauty of women.